Aug 16 2009

Aug 16th: Bread for the nations

Missing: Sara, Ulrich, Jerry

Setup: Phil, Emily

  • Congregation set up in a circle. Three outside tables with chairs. Cross and candles in the center.

Preworship: Psalm 40
Welcome: Don
Song: Psalm 40
Greeting: Don

Explanation: Eddie

  • The band will play 4 songs. We invite you to visit the three stations set up:

1. Prayer station, where you can write prayers. Leave finished ones at the cross.
2. Index cards and a map of the world. Can leave card (with string) pinned to location on the map
3. Write letters to your congress person

Song: Eat this Bread
Verse: Luke 3:11
Song: Nada te turbe
Song: Ubi Caritas
Verse: Luke 4:16-21
Song: Oh Lord Hear Our Prayer

Prayer: Emily
Closing song: Jesus, oh my Jesus

Refreshments: Donna Neu

Planning Notes:

Song: I can Only Imagine

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