Aug 9 2009

Aug 9th: How God provides bread

Missing: Sara, Ulrich, Jerry

Setup: Greg and Ali
Preworship: Faith Like a Child
Welcome: Eddie
Song: How Great Thou Art
Greeting: Corey

Song: Home
Song: Oh Lord My Shepherd Be
Song: Go Down Moses
*NOTE: In between verses of the songs, there will be several short readings, including from John 6:35, 41-51

Message: Jen Sterkel

Prayer: Katie Stafford
Communion: Steve Simmons
Communion Song: One Bread One Body

Special announcement for next week: If you will be here, bring an index card summarizing a place/people who are hungry.

Closing song: A Thousand Tongues

Refreshments: Erica

Planning Notes:

This has a slightly altered format

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