Fields Of Grace

Fields of Grace – inspired by Sting/Eva Cassidy (Fields of gold)


God we’re standing in the presence of your grace
You know us like no other
Yes, you see our lives, very deep in-side
As we stand be-fore you now.

We con-fess to you that we haven’t lived
And loved as you’ve desired
Acting selfishly, with a-bandoned trust
We’ve not lived in fields of grace.

Forgive the pain we’ve caused, both in thought and deed
To those we love and cherish
And to others that – you’ve placed in our trust
And we’ve lost the bonds of peace.

Be our love O God, be our life, O Lord
The heart we need so deeply
Quench our thirst for you, Heal us with your life
Make us walk with you in grace.

We’ve made so many promises lightly
There’ve been so many that we’ve broken
Will you lead—in-the-days still left
We will live by means of grace
We will love by means of grace.

Lord we worship you, and we love you so,
Our hearts are aching for you
You’re the love we seek, and the peace we need
Let us walk in fields of grace

“Remember how I walked to the cross in pain
And died to set you free
I for-give you now; you are free to live;
Come and walk in fields of grace”

I’ve never made promises lightly
And there is… none that I’ve broken
And I promise… in-the-days still left
We will live in fields of grace
We will love by means of grace
We are walking fields of grace

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