July 19 2009

July 19th: Healing Service

Missing: Emily, Tyler and Erica, Cindy, Sara, Ulrich, Eddie

Setup: Phil, Jen, Katie, Jean
Preworship: Pour out Your Spirit in this place
Welcome and Greeting: Ralph
Song Gather us In
Intro to healing: Jeff
Song: Pass Me Not
Verse: Several verses to be read between verses of Pass Me Not
Message / Intro to Prayer: Jeff
Drumming and reading of Healing Litergy while lighting candles
Sing: Lord, listen to your children praying between sections of litergy
Prayer stations (Cross, Baptism font, annoint with oil, candles for the world)
Amazing grace carry on during prayer
Communion: Jeff
Song during Communion: Create in me a clean heart and/or take oh take me as I am
Closing song: Glory Glory Hallelujah

Refreshments: Katie Stafford

Planning Notes:

Sara is working with Jean to plan this service. It may not follow typical format.

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