Sept 13 2009

September 13th, 2009: "Peter confesses Jesus is Christ, Jesus predicts death"

Missing: Jerry, Eddie

Setup: Sara and Ulrich
Preworship: TBD
Welcome: Ralph
Song: I want to see Jesus lifted high (Jen)
Greeting: Ralph
Song: Shepherd of my soul (Ulrich, Jen)
Verse: Mark 8:27-38 (Katie Ridenour)
Song: Fields of Grace (Emily)
Message: Sara
Song: Down in the river to pray (all)
Prayer: Ulrich
Blessing and send-off for Katie: Ulrich
Communion: Steve
Song during communion: Breathe (girls)
Announcements: Sara
Closing song: Soon and very soon (all)

Refreshments: Katie Stafford

Planning Notes:

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