Rally Day Worship Planning Outline - Blended Crossings and Morning worship service at 10AM!


Worship Leaders

Band Leader: ?
Elder: Ulrich, Eric
Message: Jeff

Band Members

Who's there: Sara, Ulrich, Jerry,
Who's not:

Service Outline

Theme: Creation, Godly Play: How is God creating us anew everyday?

Pre-Worship Music


Opening Songs

  • Come Let Us Worship God (Call/Response) led with drums – Mary, Don
  • Wake Up My Soul – Jerry

Pastoral Greeting
Prayer of the Day


Psalm 8 Children’s Choir led – Mary

Reading for the Day Genesis 1:1 -2:2
(This reading will be divided into the days of creation, with multiple readers. After each section their will be a call/response song repeated, and an action that builds the creation story in the worship space.) Elders will find readers. Worship committee members will design the creation story worship space elements.

Band needs to develop call and response!

Message – Jeff

Song of the Day: God of Wonders – Joey with kids

Prayers of the People – Ulrich will lead creative petitions

Sharing of the Peace – Jeff

Offering and Gifts The Lord is Good to Me – Mary and children’s choir led


Communion – Jeff (this will be done extemporaneously) no text needed in bulletin

Lord’s Prayer

Music during communion (open for choices)

Post Communion Prayer – Led by Elder (Eric


Blessing - Jeff


Sending Song Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee – led by ?

Dismissal -Led by Elder

Post Worship Music

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